Smudging for Cleansing


Smudging is an ancient act of burning herbs, such as sage, or wood like palo santo to purify energy. Smudging has been done for centuries, most commonly known in Native American culture. It is ideal for clearing negativity, getting rid of stagnant energy and filling a space with good vibes. The smoke when released produces a pleasing aroma(if you are into herbs) that immediately begins to work it's magic. 

You can practice smudging in your home or even around yourself. The smoke will go where it needs to when directed in the desired area. There should soon be a positive and lighter feeling in a space after a smudge ritual. This can be practiced daily and should be done on a regular basis to keep energy flowing and clear. 

While performing a smudging ritual it is always a best to speak an intention or prayer as the smoke is wafting. You can say something like "Into this smoke, I release any negativity and any energy that is not serving my highest good. Remove this energy and send it to the light. Thank you."

To safely smudge, remember to keep out of reach from children and pets. You simply light the tip of the herb and once the flame is lit, blow it out. The smoke will soon start wafting. A feather is sometimes used to fan the smoke, but not required. It is best to keep a piece of foil, if you do not have a shell or heat resistant container, underneath the herbs while they burn. This is done to contain any embers that may fall. If the smoke stops before you are finished, just relight it again. Keep a window or door open, so the smoke can be released outside.

Usually the sage will extinguish on it's own but it is always best to dip it in a little water or douse it in sand, just to be certain. After you are done, it is always great to show gratitude and thank the sage for it's work clearing your space. Remember to store your herbs in a safe, dry place and remember to always check that they are completely doused.

You can find a variety of sage, palo santo and energy cleansing kits in the shop at the link below. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Happy Smudging and Crystal Blessings!

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