Twin Flame Candle

Twin Flame Candle

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Looking for your twin flame or seeking to strengthen the connection you have with them? Use these powerful Twin Flame candles as a tool to assist you. Each candle has been topped with herbs, flowers, glitter and gemstones. Candles are charged with Reiki healing energy and made using a soy-blend wax with cotton wicks. Each candle is Rose Garden scented. 6 oz size. Candles are in metal containers.

You will receive 1 candle.
Free of harmful chemicals.
Rose Garden Scent.
Pleasantly scented. 6 oz size.

Twin Flame
What is a Twin Flame?
A Twin Flame is your twin on a cosmic level. Someone who is your mirror. You may not always get along or have a great instant connection but your relationship is instantly profound in a way you may not understand at first. While we all may have many soulmates, we each only have 1 Twin Flame forever. It is a cosmic marriage of sorts. Twin Flame relationships are sometimes really smooth and easy, depending on where your soul growth level is. Some relationships take more work, but they are the utmost gratifying and closest connection.

*Created with you in mind, by Archangel Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master and Gemstone Healing Practitioner, Jamie J.*

Each candle is made with high quality ingredients. Packaging materials are recyclable. Be sure to browse other aromatherapy items found in the Healing Kits/Supplies section. More candles coming soon!

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