Charoite Gemstone Bracelet

Charoite Gemstone Bracelet

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Promote healing energy, balance and overcome fears with this lovely Charoite bracelet. These beautiful gemstones have been strung onto strong latex free stretch cord and feature silver accents with a silver yin yang charm.

Silver Yin Yang Charm
Silver Accents
Latex Free Stretch Cord

This bracelet is made to order, choose your size before adding to your cart.
This Charoite comes in several lovely shades of purple. Many stones are grey, brown with some black matrix. Each stone is wonderfully unique.

Like all things created by nature, stones are unique and will not all look exactly the same. Natural inclusions are possible as well. They are all very beautiful.

"Charoite is a soul stone with deep physical and emotional healing energies. It is a stone of transformation and is used to overcome fears. It is is a highly protective stone, and brings the added vibration of 'being of service'. Charoite stimulates your inner vision and it can be used to overcome obsessions and compulsions. It grounds the spiritual self, opening and balancing the crown chakra. Lifts energy when the body is exhausted, regulates blood pressure, assists with deep sleep and powerful dreams."

~~All natural stone bracelets are made with love, attention to detail and using genuine gemstones. Your bracelet will be cleansed and infused with positive energy before shipping to you. If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

Will ship within 3-5 days via USPS.
All items are packaged gracefully and lovingly.
A great gift for someone special or treat yourself.

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