Who are Archangels?

Archangel are the very essence of energy. Celestial beings that are the messengers between the Divine and mankind. They are nondenominational and have been guiding us for centuries in every culture and on every continent. All angels transcend time and space, meaning that they can be at more than one place at a time. They come to us in our times of need to offer guidance, love and positive energy. Each Archangel has a specific corresponding gemstone that can enhance your connection to them. Also, try the Archangel Spray, found in the Supplies section.

Archangels bracelets are available in the Archangel section. Wear these everyday to magnify their presence around you. It is important to speak your intention to them and meditate on what you would like their help with. Archangels have no ego, they are not here to judge, just offer us their help and unconditional love. 

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