7 Chakra Gemstone Set

7 Chakra Gemstone Set

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Balance your chakras with this beautiful 7 Chakra stone collection.

You will receive one of each Chakra stone that will be intuitively chosen for you. Your stones will be cleansed and infused with positive energy to assist you on your journey. Use your stones during Meditation or however you would need their assistance.
Size: Medium(.75"-1") Sizes and Shades Vary.

**These are natural tumbled stones, with the most potent healing energy. Expect natural inclusions.

**Each set of chakra stones will be unique and intuitively chosen for you. The stones may not look the exact shapes and sizes of the ones photographed but will be similar and beautiful.


Crown Chakra
Amethyst - Increases Concentration, Confidence in Life
Chakra Targets: Enlightenment, Inner Development

Forehead Chakra
Sodalite - Inspiration, Creativity, Self Confidence
Charka Targets: Insight, Intuition

Throat Chakra
Quartz - Enlightenment, Balance
Chakra Targets: Expression, Speech, Personal Development

Heart Chakra
Green Aventurine - Promotes Tranquility, Eases Anxiety
Chakra Targets: Joy, Friendliness, Compassion

Solar Plexus Chakra
Citrine - Combats Stress, Depression, Promotes Self Confidence
Chakra Targets: Peace, Clarity

Sacral Chakra
Carnelian - Vitality
Chakra Targets: Vitality, Fertility, Happiness

Root Chakra
Red Jasper - Fertility, Love
Chakra Targets: Joy, Love, Connection to Nature

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