Crystal Grid Kit

Crystal Grid Kit

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A beautiful Crystal Grid Kit to promote balance, love, prosperity and more. Use this kit to create unique crystal grids that will promote positive energy in your life. Each kit comes with everything pictured. These grids are pretty compact, so they can fit most places without taking up a lot of space. Be sure to refer to the details below and sizing references.

Each kit comes with:
2 Crystal Grids ( around 5 x 7 inches)
2 (unscented) tealights with lavender buds
1 Organic Mountain Sage (3 inches)
5 Amethyst Point Chunks (0.25-0.75 inch) Sizes vary
1 Quartz Chunk (0.75-1 inch) Sizes vary.
2 Rose Quartz Stones (0.75-1 inch) Sizes vary.
2 Green Aventurine Stone (0.75-1 inch) Sizes vary.
1 Green Aquamarine Stone (0.75-1 inch) Sizes vary.
2 Kyanite Chunks (0.50-0.75 inch) Sizes vary. 
1 Pyrite Stone (0.75-1 inch) Sizes vary.
1 Purple Agate Stone (0.75-1 inch) Sizes vary.
1 Citrine Point (0.50-0.75 inch) Sizes vary.
1 Iolite Stone (0.50-1 inch inch) Sizes vary.

You will receive stones that will be intuitively chosen for you. Your stones will be cleansed and infused with positive energy to assist you. Keep your stones in your purse, pocket, backpack, etc. and take it with you everywhere you go, if not using for your grid. 
Size: Sizes vary with the stones.

**These are natural rough and tumbled stones, with the most potent healing energy. Expect natural inclusions.

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