Scolecite - Serenity, Chakra Balance, High Vibrational

Scolecite - Serenity, Chakra Balance, High Vibrational

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A beautiful rare Scolecite stone for spiritual transformation, serenity and chakra balance.

You will receive 1 beautiful Scolecite stone that will be intuitively chosen for you. Your stone will be cleansed and infused with positive energy to assist you on your journey. Keep your stone in your purse, pocket, backpack, under your pillow, etc. and take it with you everywhere you go.
Size: 1-1.25 inches. Sizes vary. Stones are not completely white. Many have black, grey and reddish brown coloring.

**These are natural, tumbled stones, with the most potent healing energy. Expect natural inclusions.

"Scolecite is a wonderful crystal to aid you to feel calmer and more relaxed. Keep this stone under your pillow is very beneficial to aid restful sleep. This lovely stone resonates completely with the third eye chakra. Yet unlike some of the more intense stones that affect the third eye, it is gentle and calming as it makes contact. The sweet sublime contact with spirit that one feels, makes this a wonderful stone for the crown chakra. When you hold this white crystal in your hand you will feel a deep calming energy flow through your entire being. There is no other crystal in the world that shares Scolecite’s exact formation, making it highly distinctive and unique. Once you have used it you will appreciate the wonderful gifts that it brings into your life. This lovely crystal helps you to bring the things that you desire into your life, as it helps you to take control of your life."

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